drug analysis and developmemt

 1、Development , optimization and verification of Drug analysis methods

- Develop and optimize analytical methods for quality control of GMP production, including raw materials, intermediates, API and preparations.

- Develop methods for impurity analysis

- Develop methods for chiral purity analysis

- Develop methods for solvent residue Analysis

- Develop Real-time Analysis method for manufacturing process

- Develop methods for process control

- Methodology verification(Specificity, accuracy, linearity, LOD, LOQ, etc.)

2、comprehensive analysis

Include melting point, UV purity, chiral purity, elemental analysis, heavy metal analysis, inorganic salt analysis, residual solvent analysis, optical rotation analysis, UV and IR data, IR, pKa, MS/MS and NMR.

We will issue a complete report on the confirmation and analysis of the structure of the compound。

3、quality standard

We can provide quality research services for chemical drugs, new Chinese medicine and biochemical drugs, on the basis of which the quality standards of drugs can be formulated and improved.