Generic Drug Research

   A generic drug is a pharmaceutical drug that contains the same chemical substance as a drug that was originally protected by patents.

Service process

1、Our company will screen proper projects based on customers’ existing production lines, existing variety of categories, existing distribution channels and future development needs.

2、Our professional researchers will initially select some projects for customers to choose according to customer needs. If customers agree with our results, the further project will be discussed carefully, including the feasibility of regulations and laws, the listed situation, R & D cycle, estimated time of getting approval document (calculated according to time of drug registration regulations), the customers’ estimated investment, and a complete research report will be given to the customer.

   According to customer requirements, guided by the national drug registration laws and regulations, we will conscientiously and responsibly carry out pharmaceutical research experiments, compile declaration materials, and prepare experimental samples, so as to guide production enterprises to do relevant process verification, pilot scale-up production, dynamic verification, stability research, and drug declaration, which we will cooperate with the relevant meeting review and on-site verification to ensure that can be approved by the review department.

   We will concern the progress of the project with the manufacturers and get approvals to complete projects cooperation, and recommend other related projects.