pharmaceutical preparation

We provide one-stop systematic pharmaceutical R & D services, including pre-prescription studies, analytical chemistry studies, drug stability studies, formulation development optimization, batch production of clinical preparations and CMC services in the drug application process.

1、development and optimization of formulations

(1)Conventional preparation prescription

Preparation platform screening   

Drugs’ isomorphism screening of

Physical and chemical properties of APIs’ powder research

Excipients and their compatibility investigation on

Preparation platform optimization of

Establishment and verification of analytical methods (weight content, impurity inspection, dissolution, etc.)

Destructive degradation experiment and degradation Mechanism research

Purification and structure Identification of impurities and degradation products

Study on dissolution and Drug release research

Multi-solvent dissolution test

Preparation pilot scale study

(2)Oral disintegration

(3)Slow and controlled release

2、drug stability



Packaging materials

Establishment and optimization of quality standards